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  • Origins Project Amazon Cruise

    The Origins Project invites you to join Origins Project Director Lawrence Krauss and Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins for an enlightening cruise in the Amazon beginning December 30, 2017. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime adventure!

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  • Videos Now Available

    Video from 2016 Postdoctoral Lectureship Award Winner Aomawa Shields's public lecture on The Search for Habitable Planets is now available. Watch and discover more about the ongoing search for another planet in the universe where life exists.

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  • Origins Project Scholarships & Awards

    The Origins Project has made significant strides in advancing interdisciplinary, scientific discussion on a massive scale by providing a variety of unique awards and scholarships to students around the world, many of whom have gone on to win additional awards from the most prestigious funding institutions in the scientific community.

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  • Videos Now Available

    Videos from our recent Origins Project Dialogue with acclaimed actor Johnny Depp are now available. The memorable discussion from March 12 revealed Depp's experience and creative method as an actor who has often portrayed eccentric fictional and nonfictional characters.

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Welcome to The Origins Project

Founded and directed by Lawrence Krauss, the Origins Project was created to explore humankind's most fundamental questions about our origins.

To tackle these questions, we bring together a diverse collection of the world’s leading scientists, scholars, and public intellectuals to discuss, and if possible create, new research opportunities associated with forefront issues ranging from the origin of the universe to the origins of life, modern humans, consciousness, culture, complex systems and technology.

We aim to serve as a resource for the public understanding of science by creating unique opportunities for experts and the general public to engage with one another, share information, and ultimately work together to address the numerous global challenges of the 21st century.

The Origins Project 2015-2016 Newsletter is now available. Check it out online to learn about our recent and upcoming events and offerings.

Upcoming Events

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Origins Portal

The Origins Education Portal allows users to explore materials presented in and inspired by our exclusive scientific workshops. Curated by leading experts, researchers and world renowned scholars who participated in our events, we will make available a growing one-of-a-kind archive of information of use for teachers, students, and the general public.

Our first installment, The Origins of Violence: An Overview, is only the beginning. We invite you to enter this interactive portal to learn and share what you discover.

Learn more about the Origins Portal

Visiting Distinguished Professors

Frank Wilczek, Peter Singer & Sidney Altman

We regularly bring scholars and public intellectuals to ASU for extended periods, and are excited to welcome 2015-2016 Origins Project Distinguished Visiting Professors Peter Singer, and Nobel Laureates, Frank Wilczek and Sidney Altman.