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Dialogue: Depp and Krauss

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Tier 1: $150
Tier 2: $65
Tier 3: $35
Tier 4: $12
Students: Free*
Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Johnny Depp, Lawrence Krauss

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Join Golden Globe winner and renowned actor, producer, author and musician Johnny Depp and Origins Project director Lawrence Krauss for An Origins Project Dialogue, Finding the Creativity in Madness.

This dialogue is associated with a closed scientific workshop in partnership with the National Institutes of Health that will be held to spark discussions of big, unanswered questions on how the brain and machines process patterns, aimed at understanding consciousness, intelligence, and madness.

This on stage discussion will focus on the humanity of madness, revealing Depp's experience and creative method as an actor who has portrayed such eccentric fictional and nonfictional characters as Edward Scissorhands, Hunter S. Thompson, Captain Jack Sparrow, and John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester while exploring and unraveling the intricate links between creativity and madness.

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* Students, please call the ASU Gammage Box Office or go in-person to reserve and pick up your tickets. You will need to identify yourself as an ASU student with your student ID (one ticket per student). Students who want to sit together should reserve tickets at the same time under the same reservation.