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Film Screening of Before the Flood & Origins Conversation with Fisher Stevens

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***Single Event Ticket***
VIP1 - $40
VIP2 - $25
Adult - $12
Balcony - $7.50
Students – 2 tickets with ASU ID
***2 Event Ticket Package (April 28 & 29)***
Must reserve through Gammage directly
VIP1 - $52
VIP2 - $35
Adult - $19
Balcony - $10
Students – 2 tickets with ASU ID
Friday, April 28, 2017 - 7:00pm
Fisher Stevens, Lawrence Krauss

Join the Origins Project at ASU for an incredible weekend of climate-inspired films and conversations with the filmmakers and leading experts. This evening will begin at 7:00 pm with a screening of a new feature film documentary, Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens. This film features Leonardo DiCaprio with contributions by many scientists and researchers from around the world, who meet and discuss the reality of climate change in various locations on five continents as they witness climate change firsthand.

Following the film, there will be an on-stage conversation with Fisher Stevens and Lawrence Krauss, where the two will expand on the issues raised in the film and answer questions from the audience, as they talk about the importance of raising climate issues broadly for the public in film and live discussion formats.

Timely and controversial, the film and conversation will be sure to inform and enlighten, about the pressing and growing issues we and this planet are facing in the current climate.

Fisher Stevens is an actor, director, producer and writer. His work both in front of and behind the camera stretches across many story lines and themes, as does his theater performances, in numerous productions since he started to pursue an acting career at the age of 13. He is best known for his performances in Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Awake.

Lawrence Krauss is an author, professor, physicist, public intellectual and Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University, where he is also Foundation Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and the Department of Physics. He has appeared in films, such as The Unbelievers, and the soon to be released Werner Herzog film Salt and Fire.

This public event is associated with a closed scientific workshop on The Coming Water Wars… and how to avoid them, where participants will be focused on addressing and exploring solutions to help ensure a brighter future for us all.

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As part of our climate change awareness weekend, there is another event on the evening of Saturday, April 29, featuring the movie Salt and Fire. The film screening is followed by another Origins Conversation with the film's director Werner Herzog, renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs, and Lawrence Krauss. View Saturday's event details here. If you would like to attend both the April 28 and April 29 Film Screenings and Origins Conversations, you can buy a 2 ticket package at a discounted rate that would include tickets for both evenings. To secure your 2 ticket/event package, you must go to Gammage Auditorium or call them directly at (480) 965-3434. Please see the 'ticket info’ section for details.

*All performances, dates, and times are subject to change without notice.