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The Origins Project Welcomes Frank Wilczek and Sidney Altman to ASU

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Posted on May 16, 2016 - 10:32am

Since 2013, Nobel laureates Sidney Altman and Frank Wilczek have been Origins Project Distinguished Visiting Professors, visiting ASU’s Tempe Campus on numerous occasions to engage in public events, to meet with students, and to foster relationships with ASU faculty. This month, ASU officially welcomed both Nobel laureates as part of its faculty. Altman and Wilczek cite their friendship with Origins Project Director Lawrence Krauss and their connection to the Origins Project as the impetus for accepting their new positions at ASU.

The Origins Project brings together a diverse collection of the world’s leading scientists, scholars, and public intellectuals to discuss, and if possible create, new research opportunities associated with forefront issues of our Origins in their many manifestations. We aim to serve as a resource for the public understanding of science by creating unique opportunities for experts and the general public to engage with one another, share information, and ultimately work together to address the numerous global challenges of the 21st century. By providing this platform, we can attract the most brilliant minds, like Sidney Altman and Frank Wilczek, to ASU on a more permanent basis and push the boundaries of discovery at Arizona State University and beyond.

“Having Nobel laureates on the faculty demonstrates that ASU is a major research institution, but more than that, it offers an environment for research and education that cannot be found at traditional famous institutions like MIT and Yale,” Krauss said. “We can offer them flexibility, and support for their work that they cannot find elsewhere, as well as stimulation, both through the access to a broad set of faculty, and students who greatly value their presence, and also through the regular stream of visitors that we can bring here, through Origins and other programs. ... It also demonstrates to the people of Arizona, and the Legislature, that ASU can be a cherished jewel that attracts the best and brightest to the state.”

Congratulations to Sidney Altman and Frank Wilczek, and welcome!

Read more about ASU’s quartet of Nobel laureates here.

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