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Norman K. Perrill Origins Scholarship

The application process is currently closed. Updated information will be available soon.
Thursday, August 8, 2019 - 4:00pm

This scholarship, made possible by the generosity of ASU Professor Emeritus Dr. Norman K. Perrill, will be awarded annually to an ASU student who demonstrates financial need, academic excellence, and shows academic rigor in issues of interest to the Origins Project. The award, amount to be determined but up to a maximum of $1000, is tenable for one year only. Funds awarded will be disbursed through ASU Financial Aid.

  • Enrollment – The student must be a full-time degree-seeking graduate or undergraduate student ASU during the Spring 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters.
  • Grade point average – Students must have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA at ASU.
  • First Generation, Special Needs, Veteran, and Non-traditional students – First generation, Special Needs, Veteran, and Non-traditional returning adult students are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Origins Issues - Preference will be given to students who demonstrate interest in Origins issues as part of their academic career. For information on issues related to the Origins Project, please see http://origins.asu.edu. Focus areas include the Origins of Life, the Origins of the Universe, The Origins of Disease, the Origins of Complex Social Systems, and the use of origins questions in the development and transformation of science education.
  • Financial need – Demonstrated financial need is a requirement for this scholarship, as defined by ASU’s Office of Student Financial Assistance.
Selection Process:

The application process is currently closed. Please check here soon for updated information.

Click  here for the Norman K. Perrill Origins Scholarship Application Form or fill it out below.

About Prof. Norman K. Perrill:

Professor Emeritus Norman K. Perrill enjoyed a long and active career at Arizona State University. Joining ASU in 1966, Dr. Perrill’s career focused on human communication education and research during his tenure in the department of Speech & Theatre and the department of Communication, now the Hugh Downs School of Human Communications. In addition to his esteemed service as a teacher, his research and outside consultations focused on group decision-making and efficient organization communication to facilitate operations and management of complex governmental, educational, and business organizations. Upon retirement, Dr. Perrill became a founding member of the Emeritus College at ASU. The Norman K. Perrill Origins Scholarship funds are intended to represent the use of his family legacy in support of higher education to reflect both educational traditions and the values of stewardship.

Questions – Please contact Alyssa Roby, Program Manager at the Origins Project at Alyssa.Roby@asu.edu.

Previous Winners:

Patrick Sarette, BS Molecular Sciences

Shawn Rupp, MS Biological Sciences

Eric Woolf, PhD Biology
Carl E. Fields, Physics & Astrophysics

Kent Linthicum, PhD English
Rachel Gur-Arie, BS Biology & Society

Sarah Klassen, PhD Archaeology
Alexi Choueiri, BS Biochemistry & Economics