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April 2017: An Origins Project Scientific Workshop, The Coming Water Wars…and how to avoid them

Affiliated Event: Film Screening of Salt and Fire & Origins Conversation with Werner Herzog and Jeffrey Sachs


February 2017: Challenges of AI

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: The Future of Artifical Intelligencte - Who's in Control?


March 2016: The Origins and Future of Pattern Processing and Intelligence: From Brains to Machines

Affiliated Event: Dialogue: Depp and Krauss


February 2015: Origins of Extinctions Workshop

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: Extinctions - Tragedy to Opportunity

Origins Portal: The Origins of Extinctions


February 2014: Is the Universe Necessary

Affiliated Event: Great Debate Parallel Reality - Probing Fundamental Physics


April 2014: Origins 5th Anniversary Celebration and Workshop, The Origins of Violence from the Brain to World Wars

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: Transcending our Origins - Violence, Humanity and the Future

 Origins Portal: The Origins of Violence


March 2013: Storytelling of Science

Affliliated Event: Great Debate: The Storytelling of Science


February 2013: Dealing with Climate Change

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: Climate Change - Surviving the Future


October 2012: Deception

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: Origins of Deception


March 2012: Origins of Xenophobia Workshop

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: Xenophobia - Why do we Fear Others


January 2012: Coming Opportunities in Physical Cosmology


February 2011: Origins of Life: The RNA World Revisted

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: What is Life?


November 2010: The Origins of Morality  Evolution, Neuroscience and Their Implications (if Any) for Normative Ethics and Meta-ethics

Affiliated Event: Great Debate: Can Science Tell us Right from Wrong?


February 2010: Origins of Human Uniqueness

Affiliated Event: Remarkable Creatures: Epic Adventures in the Search for the Origins of Species


January 2010: Unsolved Problems with Gravity